Adrienne, Bridget, Kemeecia and Joyce are all new faces at the Barnesville Post Office.  
Adrienne Stephens is a rural carrier,  lives in Malaga, is married and has one son.  She has worked at the post office since last May.
 Bridget Allar is a city carrier, lives in Barnesville, is married and has three sons.  She has worked at the post office since last July.
 Kemeecia Clegg is a rural carrier, lives in Beallsville, is married and has three sons and one daughter.  She has been at the post office since last December.  She enjoys “camping, fishing and spending her husband’s money.”
Joyce Snider is a part time clerk, lives in St. Clairsville, is married and has three sons. She transferred to Barnesville a year ago having worked in numerous offices including Benwood.  This was a position that offered more consistency for her. She likes to walk, enjoys outdoor activities and spending time with her family.
There is a lot of insecurity right now in the postal service with a lot of offices closing down and cut backs in hours.
They all agree the best part of their jobs are the people they meet and they are thankful for their jobs and the “good pay”.
 These are people we see all the time but never know their names; however they are a part of our daily lives and routines.  Now you can all Get To Know........Adrienne, Bridget, Kemeecia, and Joyce.