THIS MONTH gives a good opportunity to rest up from the holidays frenzy and catch up at a slower pace. Its a great time to stay inside, watch the snowbirds and swirling snow, listen to the howling wind and enjoy your warm home.

Slowly the days are getting longer. The sun sets later, but the sunrise lags behind. During January well gain almost an hour of daylight.

LAST TUESDAY ushered in 2013 which promises to provide numerous changes and challenges - locally, nationally and world-wide.

Last week-end had Twelfth Night on Saturday and Epiphany on Sunday. Saturday also marked the anniversary of the beginning of construction of the Golden Gate Bridge in 1933, according to the Old Farmers Almanac.

MONDAY THE 15th is the anniversary of the first Super Bowl in 1967 in Los Angeles. This years Super Bowl is February 3rd in New Orleans.

MONDAY, JANUARY 21, Martin Luther King Jr.s birthday is observed giving us the months only holiday. It is Barnesville Community Foundations first meeting of the year under the direction of new officers and on a new regular meeting day, the third Monday of the month.

MANY NEWLY-ELECTED officials will take office the first of the month, but the President and Vice-President will be inaugurated on Monday January 21st.

THE WOLF Moon will be full on the 28th...Hal Borland in his TWELVE MOONS OF THE YEAR wrote Time of the hungry wolf pack, the howling wind, the snug house and warm fireside.

jeanealities is compiled by Jean Palmer Davies, lifetime Barnesville Enterprise associate. She may be reached at