FORECASTERS OF weather and politics both have made dire predictions for this Friday, the 1st of March. This column is written a week before that fateful day, but if today’s forecast comes true, it will be memorable. If Congress hasn’t passed a budget by the March 1 deadline, “sequester” will kick in with its drastic budget cuts. And, if March “comes in like a lion” the way the weather forecasters predict, we’re in for a bitter cold and nasty first week of March. That begins a month of several changes.

WE “SPRING ahead” by losing an hour of sleep and gaining an hour of daylight on the 10th as we turn our clocks ahead one hour and enjoy Daylight Savings time until it ends in November. We also change seasons. Winter ends and spring begins with the Vernal Equinox on the 20th. Spring’s full Worm Moon is set for the 27th.

BEFORE WE officially change seasons, history reminds us “Beware the ides of march” on the 15th. But, we can forget that and look forward to the Chamber of Commerce’s annual Business Showcase on the 16th.

CELEBRATING ST. Patrick’s Day traditions may have to be altered because it falls on Sunday when the partying may be curtailed by Sunday’s “blue laws” in effect in many places.

BELMONT COUNTY Commissioners will be here for a Town Meeting at 6 p.m. on Monday the 11th, followed by Village Council’s regular meeting.

“MARCH MADNESS” in college basketball beings on the 19th and continues until April 8.

THE ENTIRE month of March falls in the Lenten season concluding with Holy Week events beginning with Palm Sunday on the 24th. Maundy Thursday is on the 28th, Good Friday on the 29th and Easter on the 31st. We can sing the “Hallelujah Chorus” and then go forward into April when the schools begin their spring sports schedules on April 1 (no joke).

jeanealities is compiled by Jean Palmer Davies, lifetime Barnesville Enterprise associate. She may be reached at

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