Shoutout to unsung heroes


One of the many things that make Barnesville such a great place to live and work in is the sense of community. Good deeds are done daily, whether it is the man who shovels the sidewalk in front of your house or the neighbor who gets your mail while you are out of town. Good deeds, no matter how simple, should not go unnoticed. The Barnesville Enterprise is launching a weekly column to allow readers to express their appreciation (in five lines or less) to anyone who has made their life better with a random act of kindness. Not only will this allow you to acknowledge good and kind deeds, but it will also provide “good” news for our readers.

Column submissions will not be limited to Barnesville and you do not have to name the person, however, your name is required.


Shout out to the Beaver Township Trustees who plow, scrape and put gravel on our road during the winter. — Cathryn Stanley

Shout out to the person who paid for my gas last week. — Barb Smith

Shout out to my neighbor man who walks my dog for me in this bad weather. — Molly West

Shout out to my neighbor for all he does for me throughout the year. - Doy Zellers

If you have a good deed story, please e-mail us at

Please limit to five lines.

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  • A shout for Fred Adkins & Dave Kemp, neighbors that are always helping all of their other neighbors with their snow removal equipment, tools, chainsaws and manual labor. They even share their garden produce and their hunting game.

  • Shout out to all employees at Emerald Pointe who make my mother in law's life better Cyndy McVicker

  • Shout out to Shelley Rockwell who gave me fabric when I needed it for a new quilt. Cyndy McVicker