COLUMBUS On the surface, said County Engineers Association of Ohio Executive Director Fredrick B. Pausch, the news of Gov. Kasichs plan for the Ohio Turnpike sounds like a unique opportunity to leverage one of our transportation gems in the right way, the Ohio Way.

County engineers across northern Ohio from Williams County to Mahoning County were engaged with Gov. Kasich and ODOT Director Jerry Wray giving feedback on future plans with the turnpike.

We are experiencing declining revenue of the state gas tax due to less driving and more efficient cars, said Pausch. Couple that with an unclear federal picture to secure additional funding in the future, and you can see that we have a real problem.

Pausch said that Ohio has stepped out of the box to come up with a funding stream to help in our shortfall for major new construction projects.

County engineers are responsible for much needed maintenance on the county highway and drainage systems through which the turnpike passes.

County engineers look forward to working with all involved in the Ohio Jobs and Transportation Plan, said Pausch.

Since 1940, the County Engineers Association of Ohio has worked to unify its members in their goal to provide the highest quality transportation, drainage, surveying and land record keeping services. County engineers are responsible for 25,634 bridges and 29,088 miles of urban and rural roadways that are vital to the combined growth and prosperity in the state of Ohio.