Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Looking through the paper one can see that a lot of good folks are inviting those who wish to be there a good chance to share in a hot holiday meal. Bless their hearts and happy eating and fellowship to those who attend. It is, indeed, more blessed to give than receive.

The turkey producers must have taken a real hit this year. Prices have seemed pretty reasonable and quality and quantity appear to be on an even keel/ That's a good thing for those pushing the carts down the isle. Someone wins, someone takes a hit. It's a battle to keep families fed on both sides of the coin.

Yesterday I learned that a lady over Lewisville ways has saved me some Zinnia seeds. They are some of the prettiest and long blooming, not to mention, prolific flowers that I've ever seen. The even better fact is that the seeds can be gathered by the home gardener without fear of reaping poor quality next year and for years afterward. The next trip to Woodsfield we plan to exchange our bounty. I'm to take her some Rudebeckia in trade. I'll do my best to keep my bargain.

Yesterday was also a good day to be at teh Pamida store that is located on 78 West just out of Woodsfield. I found enough Red Heart yarn for a rug or afghan and it was only $1.50 a skein and in the colors I like to use. Their regular price is $2.99, but hurrah for a green tag special. Wal-Mart's is $2.28 and they think they have the lead on it!

It's 9 o'clock on Friday morning and I started this several hours ago. In the meantime I took the plunge. I've been taking very shaky showers since I fell and this morning's tub bath was a great experience, one that would be hard to beat and makes one vow to be more careful.

The man-around-the-house usually makes light of may magazines and the time I enjoy leafing through the piles. Country Sampler escapes his criticism. He also enjoys looking at them.

Over the summer I have been storing up scarps of lumber, pieces of the pretty blue roof tin and anything else that caught my fancy. Now, I've been calling his attention to where I would like for him to help me put them to use. He, himself, has gathered up some things and hopes to get at them when winter shows it's frosty cheeks. He's really quite good with his tools and I'm pretty proud of the results when he applies himself.

The Nativity scenes that he has made for members of our family are treasured by most of them and that pleases him. P.S. I'm still waiting for mine!

Have your mind set on making an effort and before you know it, it'll become a habit.

-- Those Kernel kid's Mam.