This photo shows the connection of the two title words - "Unstoppable" and "Unmovable." Can you guess what it is? If you're up on the recent area news, you will know that filming of some of the scenes of the movie, "Unstoppable," about a runaway train, were shot in Bellaire. There has been plenty of media coverage of the filming, especially when the star, Denzel Washington, came for some of the shots.

BUT WHAT about "unmovable?" That refers to the railroad bridge viaduct, unmovable in downtown Bellaire since its 1870 erection. No doubt the historic structure will be seen in some of the scenes, but it provides us with another opportunity to re-tell the Barnesville connection with that awesome structure.

THOMAS C. PARKER who lived just west of Barnesville in the mid 1800's, lived first in the home now occupied by the Burkhart family until he built his mansion nearby. That mansion became the McCartney home and the first Barnesville General Hospital. Parker became wealthy as a result of his cement works located in the area of present day Warren Township garage.

PARKER'S CEMENT was judged among the finest in the nation and was used in the construction of this historic viaduct.

CALDWELL'S HISTORY of Belmont and Jefferson Counties describes the connection this way:

"In 1869, Parker's cement, put in competition with 11 other brands was found superior to them all. Mr. James Fisk, having heard of the Parker cement, ordered a sample, then a carload, and finally Mr. Parker and sons shipped large quantities for use of the Atlantic and Great Western Railway upon the order of Mr. Fisk. During the construction of the Bellaire bridge, Parker and sons furnished eleven thousand barrels of their cement to the B & O Railroad company for the use of their road."

EVEN IF there are close-ups of the viaduct in "Unstoppable," Parker's cement probably won't be visible, but Barnesville can quietly take pride in the part it played in the construction of the unmovable landmark.

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