Things have been running pretty normal around here, you know, SNASU. It's what you get used to I guess. When nothing goes wrong, I worry as much or more than when we have some flub-ups.

I'm coming around on recovering from my fall. Now, if I can just keep my feet under me and not waver from the course. Two things that help me along are determination and a touch of vanity. At my age it seems that everyone expects folks to start acting, showing and moaning about their health, lack of energy and talking politics and the weather. Well, count me as a no show.

You might not believe it, but the first that I realized the time had been set back was when, after rushing to the store, I arrived at Riesbeck's to a locked door. The-man-around-the-house and I peddled to Mickey Dee's, had a cup of cheer and began our grocery shopping an hour later, just a little worse for the wait!

We have a new family member. In dog year's she's probably about my age and seems willing to be petted and pampered for several more years. Sounds sort of like me, doesn't it?

I want to get out and look for some big bags of spring bulbs at a small grab bag price this next few days. I fear that the bulbs that were doing well took a swift kick while the repairs to the house were going on. The ultimate goal being the house, I'd say we are coming right along on a harmonious outcome. To the victor goes the spoils but I've never been so used to winning that I've given up trying! Ergo, I'm hoping to set out a lot more bulbs before my time to start pushing up daisies!

According to the clock, it's time for me to leave to pick up the boys. Talk about every cloud having a silver lining, all of mine are lined with golden thoughts of my grandkids.

Have yourself a good one and I'll catch up to you somewhere along life's highway.

-- Those Kernen Kids' Mam