Let's chat. It's early on Wednesday morning and Summer said good-bye yesterday for another year. For your sake, if you're a lover of summer and it's style, I'm prepared to listen to you as you vent your remorse. As for yours truly, I'm happy to see it go, of course.

Fall has arrived and I'm looking forward to everyday of it, even what may be long, dreary days. Even the fact that I can't hear the rain hitting on our tin roof can't dampen my spirits. I'll just have to set a piece of metal somewhere near the house and crack a window to hear the patter. OK, so I'm a little determined. Here's betting that you have some personal likes that I'd think aren't on the straight and narrow. To each his own and may our outcomes be harmonious. OK.

The-man-around-the-house and I enjoyed his annual visit to the heart doctor yesterday. My favorite sister-in-law took us to Wheeling and our lunch at Bob Evans and the company were "right on target."

Dylan and Jared are expected after church this evening. School is not in session for them tomorrow. They'll be here tonight and tomorrow , getting "geared up" for an evening of Pumpkin Festival tomorrow evening. I really love those guys but I'm really glad that it's not Mam and Pap who will be taking them to the "Pumpkin Frolic!" You know what I mean, Vern?

If everything goes accordingly, I hope to get some flowering hopefuls under control in the next few days. With all the commotion of the summer, my beds are in dire straights and shovel is upon me. I love it!

A lot of my treasured favorites were struck fatal blows, but I was promised full restoration by those who caused the havoc. We'll be standing by....

A happy ending to yesterday's happenings was a large, raised doughnut for this moment's visit with my readers. I like the ones that have white icing and coconut on top. Wal-Mart does "do'em good."

Whatever you do in the next few days "go it good" and I'll try and do likewise. Enjoy whatever God sends your way and do your personal best to share the mood with those around you.

-- Those Kernen Kids' Mam