My good friend Holly Lewis, a Beallsville native, moved back home two years ago to care for a family friend with terminal cancer. The bond between she and Janice Kuzio was deep, as she and Holly connected when Holly was just a young girl and had lost her own father to cancer. Janice was first diagnosed, a battle she won, at that same time. They grieved together. Fast forward to 2007 - Janice was sick again and wanted/needed someone to be her companion. Enter Holly, who left her job and life in Andover, MA to return "home" to Janice. Holly moved into Janice's home with her, helping with the day to day tasks, and more importantly being a friend. This was Holly's home too.... still is.

Today Janice is in a nursing facility, she suffered a fall a few weeks back, she is weaker than ever. Her pain is great, her medications are high. Holly visited everyday unless her job kept her away. She kept the house up, cared for the dogs, cats, etc.

Saturday Holly was hospitalized with severe abdominal pain. Sunday morning she had her gallbladder removed in an open surgery. Holly informed family of her state and made proper arrangements for the dogs, cats, etc... as best one can from a hospital bed.

This evening Holly called distressed, "they won't let me back in the house," she said in a teary voice. My first, logical, instinct, was to tell her that's not legally going to happen. And so now I'm asking for you all in Barnesville to offer Holly the legal support she needs. Her belongings, her life, have been stolen, when all she ever did was give back.