"OUT OF REACH"Groceries are too high in more ways than one. Every time I go grocery shopping, (and I have to be honest, it's mostly at Kroger's), I invariably run into the same problem. At least one of the items on my shopping list is on the very top shelf and I can't reach it. Here I am, a dainty five-footer, and the fat-free half & half and the 2-liter caffeine-free diet cola (both of which help to keep me dainty), are sitting high on a lofty perch several inches above my outstretched hand. It's like they're sneering at me, chiding, "Catch me if you can."It's beyond comprehension that all three of the Kroger stores within my shopping perimeter all have the same set up for these two items, which are always on my weekly shopping list and always on the top shelf where I can't reach them.In the dairy aisle, customers have their choice of regular half & half in both pint and quart bottles, Kroger brand or national, say 20 bottles of each - all located on the lower to middle, easy-to-reach shelves of the dairy case. Then on the very top are all the pint and quart bottles of fat-free half & half. Anyone with half a brain can see there's plenty of space to have, say 10 bottles of each on the top shelf and 10 on the lower shelves, thus accommodating both the tall and short of their customer base. Am I the only one with half a brain? Same goes for the caffeine-free diet cola: On the top shelf they put the entire supply of that product, along with several bottles of their other store brand soft drinks, but guess what? All of the other varieties of their store brand 2-liter bottles are also placed on the lower shelves, right underneath the ones on the top, again, accessible to all. Not so the caffeine-free diet cola, which is always only on the top shelf. It's like they want the little people who use the fat-free products to get fat! I've had to run all over the store, looking for a manager or store clerk, or even a tall fellow-customer to reach up on the top shelf for my fat-free cola or half & half. And don't think I haven't given those store managers a piece of my mind about where they place this stuff and how inconvenient it is for short people like me to reach it. But no matter what I say, each time I go back for more, it's still way up there in the ozone layer.I can't help but suspect there's a giant conspiracy against me by the very chain of grocery stores that I (almost single-handedly) strive to keep in existence! I mean, who spends more time in Kroger's than I do? According to my husband - NOBODY!!! It's hard to stay away from there with all the bargains they offer, like their store brand pasta and sour cream, and the little cherry tomatoes and crispy cucumbers in the produce department. I loaded all that in my cart the other day and went home and made a wonderful Cucumber Pasta Salad that was simply delicious! Even so, yesterday I went to Wal-Mart and found myself in their food department, where for some reason, I almost never do any grocery shopping. Lo and behold, there on a middle shelf within my reach was their "Sam's" brand of 2-liter, diet caffeine-free cola - and seven-cents cheaper than Kroger's! Well, you can bet your sweet life I ended up with a half-dozen bottles in my cart. I looked up the manager to praise him for placing them low enough for little people to reach with no problem and warned him that while I hadn't yet checked out the half & half, it too had better be within my reach. I thought he'd appreciate the compliment, but for some reason, he just looked at me like I had half a brain. Go figure.CUCUMBER PASTA SALAD2 cups uncooked corkscrew pasta 2 medium cucumbers, cut in half1 cup cherry tomatoes, cut in halfthen in 1/8" slices1/2 cup finely chopped onion 1 cup sour cream1/2 cup milk or half & half 1 Tbsp. chopped fresh dill weed1 Tbsp. vinegar Salt and fresh ground blackpepper to tasteCook pasta according to package directions. Drain and rinse with cold water. In a large bowl, combine pasta with cucumbers, tomatoes and onion. In a separate bowl, stir together remaining ingredients for dressing. Pour over pasta and vegetables, toss to coat. Cover; refrigerate at least one hour before serving.