SPECIAL DISPLAYS show the latest edition of the Old Farmer's Almanac including a Kid's version. Efforts have been made to copy it, but still this little yellow book is unique.

WEATHER PREDICTIONS are one aspect of the book which gets a lot of attention. Through its 218 years people have eagerly sought the weather forecasts for the coming year. It has an amazing record for making good predictions, not 100% but near enough and often enough to satisfy its readers.

WHAT DOES it forecast for us? In both its national and regional outlooks, the Old Farmer's Almanac (OFA) predicts our winter with slightly below normal temperatures but above normal precipitation with normal snowfall. However, our WTRF-TV weatherman, Dr. Dave Walker, concurs with the Climate Prediction Center that we will have a warmer and drier winter. That little yellow book has predictions and weather facts for the entire year plus a lot of interesting and unusual features.

ON THE subject of books, I have to mention the Watt Center's Used Book Sale coming up during the Barnesville Pumpkin Festival. There are thousands upon thousands of books, so many that prices have been greatly reduced. These bargain prices also are found on puzzles, tapes games, etc. There are even more discarded Enterprise photos for the taking by those who want to sort through the accumulation.

FOR THE second time in my years of writing this column, I reported a person dead who is alive and well. In the Johnna Murphy Memorial Sidewalk story last week, I credited the LATE James Lamson with sculpting the bronze plaque on the memorial stone. I'm most grateful to Rick Hanse for calling my attention to my error. Speaking with Lamson's daughter, the recycler Tammy Shepherd, of Bethesda, I learned that Jim and Maggie Lamson recently moved to a new location, and Jim is adding a studio room where he can continue his artistic pursuits. He also can quote Mark Twain who said, "The reports of my death are a great exaggeration."

jeanealities is written by Jean Palmer Davies, lifetime Enterprise associate. She may be reached at jeandavies@comcast.net.