Doesn't think playground fence is a good solutionEditor:This is my view of the fence around the Amazing Playground. When Tom came home from the meeting on Aug. 17, he told me about the fence the council wanted to put around the playground. This is exactly what I said to him, "Do they realize there is only one way out, a child has no way to escape?" I was at a cross country meet and someone came up to me and said they didn't want to talk business, but that they had to tell me they thought the fence around the playground was not a good idea and for me to tell Tom. I told her if council wanted to do it, Tom couldn't do anything. Then at the meeting of Aug. 31, council said the fence was being put up. Also doesn't the park board have a say in putting up the fence? What was council thinking? They should have asked for some feedback from the community before they put up the fence!Mary Lou Michelli,Barnesville