If my Grandma were alive today, she, along with a couple of my aunts, would be looking forward to coming our way and digging up flowers. Of course, they believed that there were only certain times that you could dig and transplant. Not so. All I require is a shovel to fit my grip and the urge to git'er done. It's supposed to be nice the next few days and I shall persevere! If I didn't spell that last word correctly, do it your way....

We really enjoyed attending our fist flea market of the season last week-end. We brought home a few choice items and just got out and about. As John Wayne would say, "It was time to don our "Buca-Rohs" and stepout."

Some folks stopped in last week and brought some lily bulbs to share. Of course, we sent them home with several Black Eyed Susan plants. I don't know how you see it but I think any gardeners worth owning a good assortment of tools are more than willing to divide, conquer and share their bounty.

Taking a little do-se-do around this morning I was pleased to see that the Clematis vines are both sending up shoots and spreading themselves a little. I just hope they escape damage from progress. That's the trouble with progress, you have to weigh the consequence, grab the bit in your teeth and holler "giddy-up-go."

Tomorrow is our day at the beauty parlor. Then Friday we'll be at Barnesville to see and hear the elementary students and their program.

I forget how many times I've watched the movie, "Bridges of Madison County," but here I set, writing to you guys and watching it again. It's a story that bears watching.

If you have a special remedy for getting rid of ants, HELP! I have had several appear today and slapped them to death! There has to be another way.

It's nearing lights out around here and time to say so long for now. Have yourself a gooden and I "catch you later."

-- Those Kerner Kids' Mam

P.S. The signs posted for the above mentioned flea market were every Saturday and Sunday and I think that is year round, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. It is located at the Marshall County Fairgrounds.