IF SOMEONE asked me that question, I'd answer "I can't remember." My offspring say I have dementia, which I vehemently deny, but maybe they're right. I don't remember the last time I had a bath. And I imagine there are others just like me.

MOST OF us shower these days. Maybe it's a bedtime shower, or a quick wake-up one in the morning or a quickie after getting dirty or sweaty during the day.

MANY SHOWER every morning so they can wash their hair. Wouldn't the grandmas of yesterday be shocked by these frequencies! In their day, shampoos were weeks or months apart and baths were a Saturday night ritual.

IN THIS month of April showers outside, I decided one evening to forego the nightly bedtime shower and take a nice leisurely tub bath. What a joy to soak and relax in a tub of hot water!

OF COURSE we've been told that such method of washing isn't all it's thought to be. We wash off the day's dirt then soak in dirty water. And soaking a long time makes one's skin wrinkly. There's also some soap scum left on your skin. If you're bothered by that, you can rinse off with clean water at the end of your bath.

WHATEVER YOUR body washing habits are, I heartily recommend an occasional long soak in a tub of nice hot water for pure relaxation and enjoyment. If you think this might be boring, read a book while you soak or have some relaxing music playing.