The Rockies Express Pipeline East LLC (aka REX), seem to be running in to a problem with their construction. That problem is Murray Energy.

Running a large pipeline over an active mining area is really dangerous. Subsidence is the problem, the earth moves, so does the steel pipeline, but they don't move equally.

Plus during the construction of this pipeline, REX may require some explosive demolition to form the channel that it needs to install their pipeline. This sort of thing can be very dangerous, mostly to the miners. Which REX wants the mines to shut down while the demolition is going on, I wonder who is going to pay for the down time when this happens. Plus who is going to pay for the mine damages if they occur from this blasting?

Currently there are hundreds of pages of filings between these two companies, it just amazes me that REX is ignoring their own experts that have told REX to reroute the pipeline around the Murray active and reserve mining areas.

Jerry Smith, PhD.
Somerton, Ohio