The quality of those who have been elected or are being appointed to positions of control over our lives and freedoms, these people should be the finest citizen in the land. From the local police to the Presidential Cabinet, their shouldn't be a blemish, unpaid parking tickets or unpaid taxes.

On TV news we see much about the cabinet picks that have problems, many have turned down these appointments, while others have taken them.

As it has been formally stated by the President, we need to do more than the right things, we need to do the moral things.

So why is the Secretary of the Treasury known as Turbo Tax Tim? We the people of the United States deserve better. If a person can't take care of there own finances, then don't put them in control of the money for a huge country. If you drink and drive and deal with children, you should voluntarily step down from being a teacher or a superintendent. A police officer that abuses his spouse should not be allowed to own or use a firearm, but that ruling may not apply to them, haven't heard much about that subject these days, but we are suppose to have equal justice, aren't we?

We should have shining examples of what being a good American is all about, in our leadership roles.

Jerry Smith, PhD.
Somerton, Ohio