The holidays tend to make most of us do some strange things, I suppose, but it seems there's an oddball element out there destined to go off the chart when it comes to committing nutty crimes.

This area isn't the only place where vandals destroy Christmas decorations. If you've kept up with the news in recent weeks you know about snowman stabbers, Grinch snatchers and wreath-robbing weasels.

As one wag put it, "During the holidays, police blotters expand faster than a 6-year-old's Christmas list. Read on.

Getting a lot of national attention was the drunk who drove a float in a South Carolina Christmas parade, pulling out of line and passing all the floats ahead of him.

Then there was the guy in Wellsville, Ohio, who burgled a home of some small items, then stopped on the way out to make himself a cheese sandwich. But cops got his fingerprints off the cheese wrapper and he was busted.

A boy, 15, stole a city bus in Orlando on Christmas Eve and took it for a joy ride, sometimes stopping to pick up passengers. This marks the third time he's stolen a city bus.

In Chicago, 32 plastic baby Jesus dolls were stolen from nativity scenes in people's front yards. The kidnappers then lined up all the dolls along the fence outside a woman's home.

Near Cincinnati, two 18-year-olds were arrested for using screwdrivers to stab an inflatable 12-foot-tall Frosty the Snowman. The snowman had survived two previous stabbing attacks. The assailants were caught on tape and arrested.

And nearby, two other local teens were arrested for smashing a car with a large decorative candy cane, causing $1,000 worth of damage.

An Oklahoma woman was arrested after she visited the county jail with a Christmas card for her incarcerated boyfriend. Police said the card was loaded with marijuana. Now she's in jail, too.

A fellow in Alabama reported that he had several dozen wrapped and under his Christmas tree. A thief entered and stole just one gift--an inflatable doll he'd bought for his brother. Cops suspect it was an inside job.

Then there's the case of the motorcycle-riding Santa Claus with a stuffed Rudolph in his sidecar who kidnapped little girl at a mini-mart. After an 80-mph chase, Santa freed the girl and was later arrested in a nearby bar.

Residents of Oberlin, Ohio, complained after a window designer crossed the line with a display featuring gingerbread Nazi storm troopers. Last year, he displayed a little boy making crystal meth using his new chemistry set.

Finally, a Vancouver, B.C. artist created a stir with a front yard scene showing Santa Claus being crucified. The artist said it was his way of protesting frivolous spending at Christmstime.

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