BELMONT — Fiscal Officer Rick Burkhead informed council that it is time to appoint two people to be one the State Fire Marshall's Board for the Belmont Fire Department. Shaun Bruce and Grant Williams will be on the board representing the Belmont Council. Burkhead asked for a motion to approve a supplemental appropriation of $75,000 for the General Fund. Grant Williams made a motion to approve the supplemental appropriation, seconded by Lorie Grob. He also informed council and the audience that the 2015-2016 audit report is complete and on file on the State Auditors website.

Solicitor TJ Schultz presented Resolution 2017-14 which is an employment contract for the Grant Writer which is Kaye Hall, and authorizes the Mayor to sign the contract. Lorie Grob made a motion to approve Resolution 2017-14, seconded by Dan Scott. TJ presented Ordinance 2017-15 which is the 2018 water and sewer rates. Shaun Bruce made a motion to declare tonight the first reading, seconded by Dan Scott. Fiscal Officer Burkhead reviewed Ordinance 2017-16 which is the 2018 housekeeping and pay rates ordinance. Lorie Grob made a motion to declare tonight the first reading, seconded by Shaun Bruce. Mayor Sobel said there are two additional changes that need to be made to this that will be addressed at the January meeting.

Jake Tacosik said there were two fire calls responded to and six squad calls of which four are billable. He said the last election was held at the firehouse and the residents seemed happy and pleased to be voting in town again. He said the fire equipment has been winterized for this year. The fire department is submitting a grant for new protective vests and some cribbing for the fire truck.

Police Chief Eric Smith said there were two tickets for speed this month and two complaints responded to. One complaint for domestic and child endangering and one arrest was made. Mayor's Court Clerk Jennifer Schuster said there was one ticket for $210 paid last month.

Water Board President Kenny Davis said the water board had their meeting Tuesday. Kenny reviewed the water rate increase that will be effective January 1st. Kenny stated that this increase is due to an increase from Belmont County. Kenny stated that we are going to become a member of OUPS as we found out the fees were only $50 per year. Kenny stated that the board is looking into expanding the water system by putting in another water well. Kenny stated that there were 15 delinquents and one shut off last month. Kenny stated that things are running smoothly.

Mayor Sobel said he received a thank you letter from the Belmont American Legion 312 for the fruit baskets and $25 Riesbeck's gift cards that were given out to the veterans. Mayor Sobel said they handed out 33 baskets and that it was a very gratifying experience. Mayor Sobel thanked everyone who helped make and hand out the baskets. 

PK Wilkinson said we have some problem trees that have been scheduled for removal. Mayor Sobel stated that we have spent a lot of time and money over the last couple years to repair stones and clean up the cemetery property. We have removed debris and several trees to help the appearance. Mayor Sobel thanked the cemetery board for all of the work that they do to keep up the cemetery.

Mayor Sobel thanked Mike Murphy and Ron Woods for all of the time that they have given to the village and for their work on council. Mayor Sobel stated that we have had a major uphill struggle but we have moved forward a long way. Mayor Sobel offered a special thanks to Kenny Davis for all of the work that he does for the village. Mayor Sobel offered greetings to Cathy Caretti who will be the new council member next year starting Jan. 4.

Peggy Patterson and her husband put tinsel on the tree tether and decorated the tree. Kenny Davis said the tree is small but it was much cheaper than the tree we had last year.

Don Williams said there have been more positive changes in the last two years that there has been in the last 40 years. Don stated that a lot of these changes are because we have Mayor Sobel. Grant stated that it is nice to see what's happening in the community.

Dan Scott thanked council for the fruit basket that he received for Veteran's Day. Dan stated that it was a very thoughtful gift and that he really appreciated it.

Saraina Wise stated that she is happy to see that Cathy will soon be on council. Saraina stated that she is thankful to be involved with council and the community.

Jeff Doty asked what the status of his employment with the EMS Department is. Mayor Sobel said he and Chief Bob Mills need to have dialog and that the final determination of his employment would be up to the head of the department which would be Chief Bob Mills. Doty said he was ordered to turn in his cell phone and that he was told that he is no longer EMS captain.

The next meeting will be Thursday, Jan. 4 at 7 p.m.