BETHESDA -- Bethesda Village Council has several things on the agenda at its Aug. 18 regular meeting. 

Mayor Martin Lucas said he was contacted to do an interview about the UV Light System at the sewer plant. Mayor Lucas thanked council for their support in getting this system installed and preventing any issues similar to what St. Clairsville is experiencing. 

Mayor Lucas presented handouts given to him by Marvin Dalton for a gospel music event on Aug. 26. Mayor Lucas said the police have served two people who are non compliant with property maintenance ordinances. Mayor Lucas presented Ordinance 2017-4 for the dedication of Memory Lane and Memory Lane Subdivision. Paul Fitch made a motion to suspend the rules, seconded by Chuck Little. Motion passed. 

Linda Reeves made a motion to approve Ordinance 2017-4, seconded by Carol Merritt. Motion passed. Mayor Lucas presented Resolution 2017-10 which authorizes the mayor, fiscal officer, and police chief to sign a two-year contract with Union Local Schools to provide three school resource officers. Paul Fitch made a motion to approve Resolution 2017-10, seconded by Linda Reeves. Motion passed. Mayor Lucas thanked Union Local Schools for having faith in Bethesda for a two-year contract. Mayor Lucas said he has the Memorial Day Ceremony DVD and drone pictures. Mayor Lucas said  Rick will be working to duplicate these and that we will reimburse him for any supplies he uses.

Administrator Dirk Davis gave an update on the dump truck situation. He said that eight new injectors cost $5,200 to have installed and we received an estimate for a new fuel pump that will cost $5,000. Davis talked Doan's down to $3,715.74 for a total of $8,915.54. Davis and Burkhead spoke and agree that at this point we have no choice but to get the truck running. Dirk stated that after these repairs he hopes that we can get another 3-5 years out of the dump truck. Chuck Little made a motion to proceed with these repairs, seconded by Linda Reeves. Motion passed. 

Davis said there was a rusted drain in the street garage that was removed and replaced with concrete. On Wednesday the backhoe popped the concrete out and it fell into the basement. He stated that temporarily we have covered the hole with a piece of plate steel. Davis said that they are storing the backhoe at the garage by the salt shed. He stated that he submitted this issue to Steel Insurance to see if there is anything that our insurance can do to help with the repairs. Dirk stated that the police are aware of the issue as well as they park in the basement. Dirk stated that he is going to have an engineer look at the structure to see what will need to be done to strengthen and repair the floor. He  stated that he has tried to get Kenny Davis to help install 12 LED overhead lights in the basement of the street garage. Kenny has not got back to him so Dirk is going to get a quote from Diperna Electric to put up the lights.

 He stated that the storm drain from First Street to Second Street has been installed and top soil has been spread. Davis said the public works crew did a nice job. Davis said a new storm drain 24-inch and 100-foot long will be installed on North 26 east of the apartments and Glenwood Village will purchase the pipe for $1,136.82. He said that a storm drain around 100-foot long will also be installed on Spruce Street and will be paid by Fred Thompson at slightly over $500. The public works crew will install this pipe. Two new storm drains 230-foot long and 260-foot long will be installed by Triple A Construction for the new Braido Development. Davis said that he has signed up the village's gas and electric accounts with American Gas and Electric of PA. He said  that we will get a rebate check once per year and a discounted utility rate. This if for the villages private accounts, not for any residential accounts. Dirk stated that he is asking Dan Carpenter to recommend an engineer to look at the park dam to give us ideas of what needs done. Dirk stated that we received $1500 from Epworth Park Assembly for leaf removal. We will also sweep their alleys for $30 per sweeping and $50 per snow removal. Dirk stated that he called AEP about the trees on Virginia Street by the playground and asked them to cut them down due to safety concerns. This saved the village and park district around $4,000. These trees have been removed.

Dick Quinlin said he is thankful that the UV Light System is installed in Bethesda. He asked if there are any chlorine cylinders that still have to be removed. He said  all of the chemicals were removed in May.

Fire Cheif Neil Hunt said he is having major issues with the ambulance as it has been breaking down on calls and such. Hunt has been looking through difference companies to price a new ambulance. A new ambulance will cost around $165,000. Chuck Little made a motion to allow Neil to negotiate and to begin the process of purchasing a new ambulance through a state purchase vendor, seconded by Linda Reeves.

Dan Phillips asked if there is anything the village can do about the pigeons in the village. Mayor Lucas stated that perhaps they could contact the health department. Dirk Davis said he would contact them.

Police Chief Eric Smith said there have been 12 citations so far this month, 10 in Bethesda and one in Belmont and Morristown. Smith said there have been 58 calls responded to and eight arrests were made. Eric asked if the police could have two dedicated parking spots in front of the municipal building. He said there will be two spots marked out for them.

Brian Bee presented an application for William Baker for EMT and Fire pending a background check. Chuck Little made a motion to approve the application, seconded by Paul Fitch. Motion passed.

Brian Bee asked for a follow up about the employees and changing certain ones to salary. Paul stated that we did not discuss that at the meeting. Mayor Lucas suggested that we have a committee meeting to discuss this. There will be a personnel committee meeting on Aug. 22 and a finance meeting. Brian and Paul asked Dirk to make the changes to the handbook he would like to see and give to council for approval. Brian Bee stated that the ORC covers everyone around the table for their job descriptions. Bee's suggested that if anyone has a question about their job, to asked the solicitor for his legal interpretation. Bee said that at the finance committee meeting we will discuss the uniform allowance.

Mayor Lucas said on Willow Street there is a trailer parked on the road that is creating a blind turn hazard. Mayor Lucas asked Smith if parking should be eliminated on that section of the street. He said he will look at the situation and offer his opinion.

Paul Fitch made a motion to appoint Jeff Stephens to a full- time position and rank of Sergeant with a bi-weekly salary of $1,180 beginning Aug. 27, seconded by Carol Merritt. Motion passed. Paul Fitch made a motion to appoint Jason Greenwood to Lieutenant and a pay increase to $15.50, seconded by Chuck Little. Motion passed. 

The next meeting will be Thursday, Sept. 28 at 7:30 p.m.