Question- What are your plans for Pumpkin Festival this year?


Rafe Cacioppo: Eat at Cattleman’s

Jake Boulet: Play games.

AJ Detling: Eat french fries.

Isaac Thompson: Eat.

Brady Wildes: Eat ice cream.

6. Emma Wharton: Eat and chill.

7. Olivia Starr: Eat and hang out.

8. Rylee Stephens: Eat and hang out.

9. Mack Moore: Hang out with friends and win a fish.

10. Kinzie Kaplet: Eat and hang out with friends.


Aiden Skolnik: Get pumpkin ice cream.

Thad Velas: Eat lots of food.

Payne Johnson: Eat a ton of junk food.

Jacob Burghy: Eat food.

Gabe McConnell: Eat a lot of food and ride rides with friends.

Jaylin Pouerie: Win animals and stuffed animals to take home and sleep with.

Ashlyn Gordon: Eat a lot of food.

Regan Hanlon: Eat a bunch of food, like a bunch.

Vanessa Leach: Hang out with my friends and eat a lot of food.

Dani Meyers: I’m going to eat as much food as I possibly can.


Manny Vazquez: Work in Baum’s Concession Stand.

Gage Warrington: Work in Baum’s Concession.

Brandon Bunfill: Eat food

William Faldowski: Hang out with my girlfriend.

Zach Toohey: Gonna play dungeons and dragons and eat stromboli.

Jessica Johnson: Hang out with my friends and eat a bunch of good food.

Chloe Cline: Ride some rides, eat pumpkin ice cream, and be in the parade.

Kalie Grear: Eats tons of food and socialize with my friends.

Maddy Hoffer: I’m going to hang with my peeps and eat tons of food.

Halle Gehrig: I’m going to eat a lot of pumpkin-flavored food.


Lucas Rogers: Lose weight by running in the Pumpkin Run and then gain it back by eating the food there.

Sam Wehr: Eating pulled pork and bourbon chicken.

Mason Cranmer: Getting paid to swallow live goldfish.

Anthony Schmidt: Eat food and walk around.

Devin Blair: Walk to Mr. Wilson's and beg for him to adopt me

Hunter Miller: Eat food.

Alexis Edwards: Eating lots of food.

Abby Starr: Definitely eating food

Darrah Detling: Eating a lot of food and enjoying time with my friends.

Candace Schneider: I’ll be working at Johnson Pottery and eating bourbon chicken.