Presenting the Extra Mile Award is Dr. Richard Skinner (left), retired Kent State University professor, to Matt Johnson, former head football coach and intervention specialist. The $1,500 award is for professional development and special needs.

It is given in memory of Skinner's late brother, George Skinner and Lela Skinner Bailey, both teachers.

As a teacher of young teens who struggle in the classroom and sometimes with social and emotional skills, Johnson works with them in the resource room and regular classroom. Last year, he obtained a math program for those who are cognitively disabled. In addition, he has donated time, money, clothes, shoes and encouragement to those in need.

As a coach, he not only instilled a work ethic into his players, but also a strong effort to give back to their community.

His teams volunteered to assist with tasks for Hutton Memorial Library, Watt Center, Barnesville Hospital and an off-season effort, cleaning Memorial Park after the 4th of July events. He is devoted to creating responsible, well-rounded, mature persons, not just athletes.

Skinner is a Tacoma native, brought up on a farm, graduate of Barnesville High School and The Ohio State University. He cherishes his local roots and this award is one way he gives back to his community.