The Trustees of the Barnesville Area Education Foundation had its regular meeting on Monday, Aug. 14. The office has been busy this summer with membership and raffle mailings. Also, plans are being made for turkey bingo in November.

In April, the scholarship committee selected 4 new recipients of the Zunick Scholarship, along with a new recipient of the VanDyne Scholarship. Receiving the Zunick Scholarship award are: Alex Madzia, Abigail Wharton, Abbey Cusick and Matthew Burkhart. Recipient of the VanDyne Scholarship was Devin Clouse.

The foundation is proud to announce our newest members: Thomas and Tyra Timmons, John and Judy Hutchison, Brenda Brown and Deborah Setzer. If you are interested in becoming a member, contact the office for more information.

Teachers chosen by their peers to receive this years Teacher Recognition Award from the Foundation were: Kelsey Winland - Barnesville Elementary School, Brianna Warner- Barnesville Middle School and Corey Powell- Barnesville High School. Receiving this years Skinner-Bailey "Extra Mile Award" was Matt Johnson. The Foundation would like to congratulate all of the winners.

Pledges and donations received from Feb. 1, 2017, to Aug. 18, 2017, were: Richard and Theresa Marmie, Clifford Collins, Foundation for a Better World, Dr. John Roe, John Berryhill, Marjorie Wolford, Dean and Betsy Hines, Bob and Dana Detling, Charles Joseph, David and Marsha Ward, William Shipe, Mary Jane Dickson, Tim Ackerman, Thomas and Martha Winland, Dr. Paul ajd Elizabeth Modie Jr., Jonelle Callahan, Bruce Yarnall, Gene Williams, Ken Fowler, Scott Nixon, Jane Shah, Sarah Parsons, Linda Evans, Thomas Rattine, Bill Butler, Mick McCort, Donna Jones, Frank Paine, Alvia Jackson, Ronald Easton, Keith and Barb Wells, Anonymous, Linda Hornyan, Marjorie Dennin, Eleanor Rickard, Lefty and Rita Hall, Carol Boeham, Dennis Giesey, Phoebe Linnabary, Tracy and Elizabeth Knox, Kathy Batts, Hal Schafer, Daniel Moore, Barnesville Class of 1962, Michael Schuster, Yvonne Rackard, and Forest and Judy Heskett.

Memorial contributions for the same period: Sharon Marmie Lantieri in memory of Shirley Wells Timmons and John William Simmons, Francis Plumly, Nan & Dick Cairney and Julie & Joe Gaudio, Fellows at Camp and Max, Marjorie and Family in memory of Wm Sonny Plumly, Barnesville Class of 1954 in memory of Curtis "Sharkey" Stephens, Paulette Sawvel in memory of John Sawvel, Barnesville Class of 1966 in memory of Patty Wees and Fred Johnson, Gary Reed in memory of Carolyn Reed, Mary Scott in memory of Shirley Wells Timmons and Patty Arnold Wees, Donna McBurney in memory of Gerry McBurney and Martha McClure in memory of Wm Chaney

Teacher/Administration contributions include: Clint Abbott, Marisa Duvall, Julie Erwin, Steve Fisher, Donna Gallagher, Angela Hannahs, Jon Jordan, Lauren King, Matt King, Lisa Lucas, Lynn Spiczenski, Pat Stephen and Amber Toriseva.

The mission of the foundation is to provide funds for the local education systems and the students that might not other wise be available through public funds.

If you have any questions or would like to give a donation, feel to contact the Foundation at 740-425-3001 or P.O. Box 1, Barnesville, OH 43713; or by email

The annual meeting will be Sept. 11 at 5:30 p.m., followed by the regular Trustee meeting.