Ten Years Ago 2007

The process is moving ahead for the formation of a Belmont County Airport Authority that will include town council and county commissioner representation.

The Gildea Road Salesville home of the David Fowler family burns to the ground while the family was at the state fair.

Leone Mantz, 103, dies. A nurse by vocation, she retired at age 81 from Barnesville Hospital. She and her husband operated Mantz Bakery until 1974.

Also passing was Martha R. Eddy, 76, a member of the Main Street Methodist Church and the Women's Bowling Assn.

Richard "Gibby" and Corine Peters Betts mark their 60th wedding anniversary August 12.

The Walton Home welcomes its first day resident.

Twenty-Five Year Ago 1992

The Zanesville-based firm 5 B's, owned by Vicci and Leland Biles, will expand here into the former Jonathan Logan factory on E. South Street. The business is expected to provide employment for more than 100.

The former Rogers Hardware at 110 E. Main is recast as Rumer-Loudin Heating, Air Conditioning & Appliance Store.

Former Bethesda resident Charles Goodin constructs a miniature of the Barnesville Depot building.

The 33rd annual Somerton VFD Festival will take center stage Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The 65th annual Davis Family Reunion drew a good crowd to Memorial Park on July 19.

The former Somerset Township School on Johnson Ridge is sold by Jim and Nina Christman to Eric and Deana Perkins.

Fifty Years Ago 1967

A large number of the BHS Class of 1917 marked their 50th wedding anniversary.

Miss Marilyn Parker is named high school marching band director.

The school district will close on the land selected for the new high school on Nov. 20.

Barnesville directional signs are finally installed at the new I-70 Junction. A Kirk's customer from Washington, Pa. missed the exit and went to Zanesville before realizing he missed the turn off.

Four candidates seek two seats on the school board on the November ballot. They are: W. L. Briggs, Jack Welsh, Richard Courim and Roy Cozad.

Watt Car and Wheel employees went out on strike Tuesday night.

Morristown The VFD is sponsoring a cake walk and ice cream festival at the community hall Friday night.

In a profile, retired baker Clem Hunkler, 83, figures he baked more than 1.5 million pies during his 54 years at the former Hunkler Restaurant and Bakery.

Thirty-three members of the class of 1942 marked their 25th Reunion last Saturday.

Seventy-Five Years Ago 1942

Floyd Turner is named the new night officer for the city police force.

James Henderson, prominent member of the Society of Friends, died Monday.

A G.O.P. political rally will take place here Friday night.

John M. Harris, long ill, dies.

Red Cross knitting work is now available for local volunteers wishing to assist the war effort.

One Hundred Years Ago 1917

From the Whetstone

The McClelland Manufacturing Co. of Barnesville (202 N. Chestnut), makers of overalls, etc., has closed a contract with the U.S. Government on a contract to supply 25,000 pairs of khaki breeches for U. S. soldiers during the present war.

President Wilson invites unmarried men between 18 and 40 and who are without dependents to join the regular army. Here's an invitation to attend a "stag party" which will at any rate not be a tame affair!

A highlight of the Barnesville Chautauqua slated for Aug. 27 Sept. 2, is a big musical event of the light opera "Dorothy" in three acts by a company of 25 people.

Mrs. Frances Fowler took her Sunday School class to the grounds near the Friends Meeting House Tuesday afternoon where the boys enjoyed an outing and supper out-of-doors. They were accompanied by several friends outside of the class.


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