David Trouten, the Clerk of Courts for Belmont County released the report of his office's activities for June of 2017. The Title Office in Bellaire remains closed while repairs are done to the building after fire damage.

"The staff in the St. Clairsville Office is doing a tremendous job in handling the overflow of work coming from the Bellaire Office," Trouten said. "Of course, we look forward to reopening the office to continue serving the riverfront."

Trouten also commended his staff in the legal department. "About a week ago," he related, "A batch of mailings for jury duty went out without return envelopes. It was an oversight on the part of a different office than the Clerk of Courts, but because it affected those potential jurors whom we oversee, our staff jumped on the problem as soon as it was known. On a Friday afternoon, in less than two hours of the problem being discovered, the envelopes had been sent out to those who had not received them. The whole staff came together to plan a solution, create new mailers, label them, and get them in the mail on time," Trouten said. " I couldn't be more proud of the entire staff," he added. "Everyone went above and beyond to make sure the citizens of Belmont County were properly served."

The Clerk of Courts administers all legal documents of the Common Pleas Court, including the calling of jurors for trials, and also administers the Title Department in the County.

June clerk's fees totaled $61,575.43, and interest fees totaled $423.28.

There were a total of 2,904 vehicle and watercraft titles for the month of June a the St. Clarisville office that included: 53 all purpose vehicles; one bus; 13 manufactured homes; 159 motorcycles; nine motor homes;; 271 new cars: 11 new pick up trucks; 16 new trucks; 27 outboard motors; 16 off-road motorcycles; 22 trailers; 74 travel trailers; 1,564 used cars; 462; 56 used trucks; 32 vans; 84 boats including inboard motors.

New cases field in the legal department included: 40 domestic relations ; 28 civil; 22 criminal; 32 certificates of judgment; 98 state tax liens; eight court of appeals.

The Bellaire Title Branch office is closed while the building is under repair due fire damage. In the meantime, please use the St Clairsville Office. The St. Clairsville Title Office number is 695-5406 or 695-5407.