Due to ongoing building repairs, the Barnesville Enterprise office has been temporarily relocated. There is a mail slot in the front door for your convenience.

Mail and fax communication will be monitored.

Our e-mail address is enterprise@barnesville-enterprise.com. Those calling the office at (740) 425-1912, will be temporarily re-directed to the Daily Jeffersonian. For circulation, please call 740-435-3531. For classified advertising, please call the same number. For display advertising, please call salesperson Beth Stephen at 740-238-3816. For the newsroom, please call editor Cathryn Stanley at 740-238-0781.

The Enterprise staff apologizes for this inconvenience.

Unfortunately, time moves on for all of us and buildings are no exception.

The temporary situation allows the staff a greater opportunity to work in the community and help promote all the great things that Barnesville and Belmont County have to offer such as the parks, the schools, the libraries, the hospitals, civic organizations veterans groups, our rich history, and the many people and attractions in Barnesville and the surrounding villages of Belmont, Bethesda and Morristown.

GateHouse Media is committed to The Barnesville Enterprise and is working to resolve questions about the existing structure and making sure that events and people still receive the same great coverage that the company has strived to provide in the past.