The Belmont County Military Veterans Museum was a dream of Floyd Simpson past Commander of Post 312. Since his passing, others have taken on the project to make his dream come true. American Legion Post 312, which will be celebrating 100 years soon, still meets there and many members are older, requiring handicap accessibility.

There are several things that need to be done to make the building accessible to all veterans and patrons, including repair or replacement of the porch and steps and the installation of an ADA-approved handicap ramp. The current wooden ramp (pictured) is not up to code. It is very steep and falling apart.

"A lot of people think the Belmont County Military Veterans Museum is just for Belmont," wrote Cheryl Skinner on the gofundme page."The museum is for all of Belmont County. Our goal is to honor those who signed that blank check so that we could have our way of life here in the United States. We also want to educate future generations that freedom isn't free."

To donate visit / Those wishing to donate, but not through gofundme, may send a check or money order to Belmont County Military Veterans Museum PO Box 382 Belmont, OH 43728-0382.