David Trouten, Belmont County Clerk of Courts, has announced that the target date to reopen the Branch Title Office in Bellaire has been extended to August 1st while the building is repaired from fire damage.

"I am following the progress closely," Trouten said. "And we are eager to reopen so that we can provide this valuable service to citizens on the riverfront. In the meantime, our staff has been working hard at the St Clairsville Office to handle the overflow work."

Customers of the Bellaire Office can bring their title work to the St Clairsville Office while the repairs continue.

Trouten released the report of his office's activities for May of 2017. The Clerk of Courts administers all legal documents of the Common Pleas Court, including the calling of Jurors for Trials, and also administers the Title Department in the County.

For the May, clerk's fee totaled $70,552.35, with interest fees totaling $319.89.

In the title offices total vehicle and watercraft titles totaled 3,019. There were 2,576 titles at the St. Clairsville office that included: 32 all purpose vehicle; one bus; 13 manufactured homes; 115 motorcycles; eight motor homes; 307 new cars; 87 new pick up trucks; 12 new trucks; 22 boats with outboard motors; six off-road motorcycles; 23 trailers; 64 travel trailers; 1,644 used cars; 453 used pick-up trucks; 63 used trucks: 34 vans: 75 boats including inboard motors.

The Bellaire Title office (closed most of month due to a fire) had 63 titles that included: two all purpose vehicles; two motorcycles: one motor home; four new cars; one new pickup truck:; one board with outboard motors; two off road motorcycles; four travel trailers; 31 used cars; 13 used pickup trucks; one used truck; one van and one boats including inboard motor.

Reminder: The Bellaire Title Office is closed during repairs of damage to the building. Please use the St. Clairsville Title Office. The number is (740) 695-5406 OR 695-5407.