On May 11 and 12 Barnesville Elementary 3rd graders were transported into space! The students traveled to the Challenger Learning Center at Wheeling Jesuit University in Wheeling, West Virginia to participate in Space Camp as Micronauts. The Micronauts experienced a space mission, in which students worked as scientists, mathematicians, and engineers to complete their mission in space. At the nutrition station, for example, students learned the importance of proper, balanced diets as they devised a menu for two astronauts that meet the USDA Food Guide Pyramid guidelines. They experienced thrills, working in an Isolation Chamber, as they used a remote controller to move the moon-dozer and clean the area of moon rock debris. Students worked in our underwater glove box to simulate the training that astronauts must undergo as they prepare for a gravity-free environment in space. The students were challenged and excited to learn everyone had a great time.

Barnesville Elementary and the third grade teachers Mindy Acton, Tosha Bethel, Paige Evick, and Heather Dornon would like to thank everyone who made this mission possible for our students. Our wonderful community stepped up and through their generous donations made this opportunity accessible to all of our students. Sponsors included: Mistie Rose, EA, Woodsfield Savings Bank, Cheffy Drugs, Corner Pharmacy, Erwin and Elma Byler, Barnesville Vision Center, Dr. Leach, Kidz Road Racing (Carl Kondrach), H & R Block, Harvey Goodman, Lori Tickhill, Hazlett, Burt, & Watson, Inc., AEP Mitchell Plant.