Ruth Wood is one of the many success stories at Emerald Pointe Health and Rehabilitation Center in Barnesville, Ohio. After her rehab stay at Emerald Pointe, Sheilah McKenzie had many awesome things to say about the care, therapy, and treatment she received at Emerald Pointe.

"All of therapy department has been so nice and did a good job so I could get home so quickly. The therapy here is the best and I really feel honored to write about the care at Emerald Pointe. My cousin was also here and also thought the therapy here did him a lot of good. I appreciate everything the therapy team has done for me during my stay here at Emerald Pointe," Wood said.

Emerald Pointe Health & Rehabilitation is a 64-bed skilled nursing facility in Barnesville, Ohio. Emerald Pointe is unique by offering all private suites with private bathrooms for the comfort and of each resident. Resident care is individualized based on the resident's need. The team at Emerald Pointe plans care with the resident, family, and loved ones every step of the way to ensure the resident gets the highest quality of care they deserve, no matter what the outcome is that they are looking for. We are always here to help in any way possible.

For questions, a tour, or to become a resident at Emerald Pointe, contact: Lori Rossiter, Admissions/Marketing Coordinator, 100 Michelli Street, Barnesville, Ohio 43713. Phone: 740-425-5400.