Ten Years Ago 2007

Three new area businesses are profiled -- the Loading Zone, a gas station on N. Main in Bethesda; the Junque Shop, also of Bethsda, and the G and N Sports Bar and Grill in Malaga.

East Guernsey Schools Superintendent Bob Greenwood will retire at the end of the year to spend more time with his family and pursue interests and hobbies.

Barnesville Middle School's new principal is T.C. Chappelear.

Mary Edith Stonebrunner, retired school teacher of Salesville, dies at the age of 101.

Three Somerton area wedding anniversaries are celebrated: Steve and Donna Detling Clark, 25th on July 3; Ronnie and Kathy Kemp Stephens, 25th on June 26; and Larry and Carol Britton Detling, 50th, on July 2.

Twenty-five Year Ago 1992

Officials of the First National Bank of Barnesville, at a special meeting of stockholders on June 18, voted to merge with WesBanco, Inc., headquartered in Wheeling.

With rainfall about 6 inches below normal and the reservoir falling 3.5 feet below normal, Bethesda issues a mandatory water conservation measure.

The Defiance, Ohio chapter of the Antique Auto Club, will "motor over from Cambridge Friday" to spend the day in Barnesville.

A new art instructor is hired for the high school to replace Lucille Dyrdek, who held the position for 27 years. He is Luke Johnson, a Mentor, Ohio, native whose grandmother was a originally from Barnesville.

The village of Eldon will sport the 13th annual Raspberry Festival on Sunday.

Carl and Dorothy McConnaughy mark their 60th wedding anniversary while Roger and Gertrude Lucas of Bethesda celebrate their 50th.

An Open House Sunday will display the new $170,000 state-of-the-art Belmont fire truck.

Fifty Years Ago 1967

The contract for improvements of Barnesville Airport by the Consolidated Coal Company was signed Monday for a $100,000 grant the village is seeking.

Barnesville Park will now close at 11:30 each evening.

John Campbell leads the Barnesville Rotary Club for the coming year.

Beryl Giesey, police chief, issues his annual warning against the illegal possession and shooting of fireworks on the 4th.

Eighteen members of the faculty of Barnesville Schools will attend various colleges and universities during the summer.

Over 200 from "near and far" attended the hooked rug show at the Belmont County Historical Society Museum Sunday.

Seventy-five Years Ago 1942

Hansley Mills signs an agreement with the CIO. All 275 employees will get wage increases of between 10 and 15-percent.

The first instance of a family reunion being called off due to the war tire shortage came yesterday with the announcement that the annual Murphy family reunion for next Saturday is cancelled.

Barnesville merchants are asked to devote the month of July to a special effort to sell War Stamps and Bonds.

"V-Mail Service" to expedite letters to armed forces outside the U.S. is imitated.

Tag Day collection for the benefit of Barnesville Hospital nets $110.

One Hundred Years Ago 1917

From the Whetstone

One of three local troops of the Boy Scouts, a company of 64 fine manly lads, invites the public "for miles around" to join them in a grand patriotic, civil and Independence Day celebration and Flag raising on Wednesday, the 4th.

A large flag pole, 100 feet in height, is being erected in the center of the Main and Chestnut intersection where a 12 x 20 American Flag will be raised on the 4th.

The afternoon program at City Park will include a patriotic speech by President W.O. Thompson of The Ohio State University, baseball and contests. To help defray costs, the Scouts are asking a small admission fee of 25 cents at the Park gates.

Sheriff Osborn, under a law enacted by the legislature, appoints John Major of Hendrysburg a special "speed officer" for the western end of the National Pike paving. During the past two months the sheriff has been conducting a vigorous campaign against speeders. Majors will be on duty from Hendrysburg toward St. Clairsville.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pfeffer, good German people of Temperanceville who are Whetstone readers, were in Barnesville Monday.


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