BETHESDA -- The Bethesda-Belmont-Morristown Rotary Club recently provided $1,000 to the Bethesda Police Department for the purchase of a new Phazzer and accessories.

The Phazzer is a line of less lethal weapons that are made for professional use. The Phazzer Enforcer is designed for law enforcement, private security and military organizations. Bethesda's Phazzer Enforcer comes with 25' dart pro cartridges, 30' rubber ball cartridges, and 8' and 30' pepper ball cartridges, as well as a Blade Tech Level 2 Retention Duty holster that has security features that keep the Phazzer from falling out or from an arrestee from getting the Phazzer out and using it against the officer.

"We are proud and honored to help our local police department," said B-B-M Rotary Club President-Elect and Bethesda Village Administrator Dirk Davis. "We will help with any needs the department has in the future. Chief Eric Smith is doing a great job getting this department back up to the level that it was in the past and above."