In its 13th year, nominations are being sought for the 2017 George G. Skinner and Lela Skinner Bailey Teaching Development Award (The Extra Mile) Award.

The purpose of the award is to recognize teachers who have performed above and beyond their responsibilities as educators, or have gone the "Extra Mile."

The award is in memory of George G. Skinner and Lela Skinner Bailey, both of them former teachers.

"The award serves two purposes -- one to honor two individuals who were very important in my life (his aunt and brother) both of whom were teachers that went the extra mile, and two -- to recognize and financially assist teachers in the Barnesville area, who demonstrate a willingness to go the extra mile," Richard Skinner said.

Any teacher who taught full time in the Barnesville area schools, is eligible for nomination for the award. Those schools include Barnesville Exempted Village School District schools and Olney Friends School.

No teacher will be eligible for the award more than once in a five-year period. Previous winners who are ineligible include: 2016, Joanne Murphy; 2015, Stephane Plumly; 2014, Mary Jane Wood; 2013, Andrew Marovic; 2012, Tom Porter.

Nominations are welcome and encouraged and applications forms may be obtained from any of the schools mentioned above, by e-mailing the Barnesville Education Area Foundation at, or by calling Jana Crawford at (740) 359-1634.