The Union Local High School Band Boosters would like to thank people all across the Ohio Valley for participating in our 500 Gallon Gasoline Giveaway in support of the Marching Jets. Owing in-part to the allure of alliteration, the Band Boosters figured 500 gallons of free fuel would be a fine way to raise funds for the band. Everyone's unbelievable generosity has been overwhelming and is greatly appreciated! The price of gasoline on the day of the drawing was $2.399, so our winner, Eric Doan of Elite Heating and Cooling in Belmont, received the fuel card of his choice valued at $1,200.00. We would also like to thank Wal-Mart at the Highlands, the Ohio Valley Mall and the Bel-Morr Market in Morristown for allowing us to set-up our entry sales tables. Please support us again in the future when you too could win 500 gallons of FREE gasoline!