Continuing with our last article, we asked more Barnesville High School students about their favorite teachers, and why they chose them.

Ashtin Austin, a junior at Barnesville, stated that her favorite teacher is her first grade teacher, Mrs. Kress. When asked how Kress did and has continued to affect her life, Austin said, "She inspired me to try my best and never give up even if something became difficult." She continued by saying, "She made me realize that education is a very important part of life and that you can make learning fun. I always try my best in anything that I do, and I have become a very determined person because of her."

Freshman Thad Velas chose his seventh grade English teacher, Eva Lynn, as his favorite and most influential teacher. Velas says, "She always pushed us. She pushed us more than any teacher I had prior. By making us do more work at a faster pace, I believe she has prepared me for high school, college, and my life." He says that Lynn has transferred "everlasting" qualities to him that he can use throughout his life.

Next interviewed was Bailey Bauman, a sophomore at BHS. Bailey opted for his fourth grade teacher, Anne Haverty, as his most influential teacher. She helped him a lot. She helped him begin to enjoy a subject that he "once couldn't stand." She did this by "paying attention to every kid and learning what they needed individually. She introduced me to the first true novel that I liked, which was Hatchet by Gary Paulsen." Bauman believes she maintained a lasting effect on him. He continued as he said, "I now know a genre of books that I would like to read and, by watching her teach the class, I have learned an effective way of teaching which could help me in many aspects of life."

We had the chance to interview three of the students in the top 10 of the senior class. Both Ashley Brown and Abby Wharton said that Murray Stafford, their science teacher, was their favorite teacher to date. Both Brown and Wharton said they liked him for his sense of humor and his teaching style. Wharton also mentioned Jill Crosier as one of her favorite teachers because "science is her favorite subject and she made science fun."

Senior Alexis Marovich has a bit of a different point of view. She attended the Belmont-Harrison Career Center, from which she recently graduated, and has had much influence from her time there. Her favorite teacher is Alison Goodrich, her hair design instructor. She states that Goodrich has "taken something I was passionate about and showed me how to turn it into a life long career."

Marovich becomes more sentimental as she continues. She describes Goodrich's everlasting effect as, "She believes in me like no one else ever has and I could never thank her enough for all the ways she has and will continue to touch my life."