Officer James Lee-Wood was recently named Greenville Police Department's Officer of the Year in Greenville, S.C. The following is from the department's Facebook page:

In 2014, experienced police officer James Lee-Wood transferred to Greenville Police Department. After field training, he was assigned to Echo Beat where he quickly built a rapport with area individuals. Officer Leewood didn't like sending unsolved cases to investigations, so he relentlessly solved many of his own cases.

In mid-2016, Officer Lee-Wood began performing follow up for his platoon and was responsible for investigating all of their unsolved misdemeanors. Officer Lee-Wood excelled at quickly closing cases, so he was selected to serve as follow-up officer for the entire department.

Officer Lee-Wood uses every available resource to successfully resolve reports crossing his desk. Instead of simply forwarding information about suspects in cases, Officer Lee-Wood goes out into the field and tracks down his suspects. He takes a proactive approach to the assigned cases by pushing out available information to the media in an attempt to make an arrest. Working closely with investigations, he also adopts some of their cases from time to time.

Officer Lee-Wood has been assigned more than 600 cases since his designation as follow-up officer, job duties he performs with a positive attitude and a drive to succeed.