For our last article, we have decided to pick which rules seem the most odd to us. We have covered many sports this school year. To be exact, we have done seven. The sports included volleyball, basketball, bowling, swimming, baseball, track and field, and softball. Each of these have their own odd rules, but some are just ridiculous.

Now, here is the list of one odd rule in each sport. First is volleyball, and at no point and time can any player touch the net. In basketball, during warmups, no player is allowed to dunk. Crossing the line is a big no-no in bowling. Swimmers are never allowed to touch the bottom of the pool during a swimming competition. If a ball is hit in the air in the infield, and there's a runner on base in baseball, it is an automatic out. In the track part of track and field, when running hurdles, the runner can hit them, but cannot knock them over. Our final sport, softball, the batter at no time (unless a timeout is called) can step out of the batters box. If they do, it is an out.

Annie's Opinion- Some of these seemingly odd rules I have heard of, while other rules I have not. The one rule that appears to be the most odd to me would be the swimming rule. I mean, it seems impossible to not touch the bottom, because you are in water, right? Actually, it can be very easy. I think this rule is harder for little kids than high school athletes. The little kids can get worn out easier, making it more tempting to stop. Which then allows them to sink. I mean, accidents happen, right? So why enforce a rule like this?

Sydney's Opinion- I've enjoyed writing these articles. It was quite entertaining to discover some of these odd rules. In my opinion, the most odd rule is the track rule. If someone accidently knocks over a hurdle, I don't think they should be disqualified. As long as someone doesn't intentionally knock over a hurdle, they shouldn't be disqualified. On the other hand, I can see why this rule is put in place.