New Philadelphia Last year, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), Adopt-A-Highway volunteers and inmates collected over 440,000 bags of trash from Ohio's roadways nearly 18,000 of those bags were collected from state, U.S. and interstate routes across eastern Ohio.

"Litter is a persistent and preventable problem," said ODOT District 11 Deputy Director Lloyd MacAdam. "Not only is it expensive to pick up, but it takes us away from more important work, like pothole patching, culvert replacements and guardrail repairs."

Statewide, ODOT spent $4.4 million last year picking up trash; locally, it cost ODOT $122,000.

ODOT's 1,400 Adopt-A-Highway groups help by cleaning a two-mile section of highway, or an interchange, a minimum of four times a year for two years. On average, Adopt-A-Highway volunteers pick up 25,000 bags of trash a year, saving ODOT $280,000 annually.

Groups interested in adopting a section of highway or an interchange can apply online at: or contact ODOT District 11 Adopt-A-Highway Coordinator Lindzee Snyder at 330-308-3939 or

ODOT crews from District 11 will dedicate this Friday, May 5th, to picking up litter in all seven of its eastern Ohio counties.