At the Monday, April 17 Barnesville Village Council meeting, Mayor Dale Bunting issued a certificate of appreciation in honor of resident Eugene "Doc" Householder upon his retirement as the Director of the Belmont County Tourism Council after 28 years.

Bunting honored Householder for having "dedicated his life to this community and demonstrating in many personal ways, his deep and genuine love for Belmont County and serving it with a dedication to promote various festivals, attractions, and events, demonstrating always his willingness to place his concerns for the Tourism Council and its interests ahead of his own."

Bunting said, "Throughout his career he has earned the respect of other civic leaders and the affections of a host of area residents who are proud to call him 'our friend.'"

Bunting concluded by extending to Householder the village's "deep appreciation for his distinguished service and best wishes on his retirement."

"I want to thank Doc for everything he has done for us. He's a big deal in the Pumpkin Festival and the county. He has meant a lot to the county, for sure," Bunting said.

Fiscal Officer Vicki Magers reported that she and the tax clerk had attended a local governments conference in Columbus, which she said was very productive. She said she would be addressing council in the future with things that she learned there that might be changed and improved in the village.

Council authorized six village employees to donate five sick days each to water department employee Rick Truax who has been battling cancer. Deal said Truax will retire June 30 and the donated days will help him reach that date.

Village Solicitor Marlin Harper said he had provided Magers, Village Administrator Roger Deal, and council with copies of a proposed ordinance to increase water village water rates. Council was to review the ordinance for future discussion.

Deal asked council to sign and pass a resolution approving the Ohio Department of Transportation salt contract. He said the bid deadline was May 10. He said the village typically orders 450 tons per year, however, a mild winter has left the village with 200 tons of salt in its storage bins. Deal said the contract requires the village to purchase 90 percent of the committed amount and they can purchase up to 110 percent. Council authorized the contract for 300 tons.

Deal gave council a copy of the seasonal employee list. He said he was pleased not only that the park pool is able to find summer help, but that many are returning employees. Deal said the pool has 17 young people who will serve as lifeguards this year.

Deal discussed an American Electric Power easement at Crestview Cemetery. He provided council with a map of the cemetery to show where AEP wants an easement as part of a power system upgrade in the village. Deal said he had met with AEP only once so far, and the area in question encompasses the last remaining burial spots in the cemetery. Deal and Harper agreed that the village should be compensated not only for the property itself, but for the loss of revenue from the burial plots. Deal said he would be speaking to AEP again soon.

Deal also provide council with an estimate for repair of the Reservoir #2 spillway. He said the Ohio Department of Natural Resources will eventually force the village to make those repairs. He said that with the potential water rate increase, it was especially important to repair the spillway.

"If you go down there when it is really raining or overflowing, water is leaking all around that spillway. It's everywhere," Deal said.

Deal noted that repairs to the spillway at Reservoir #1 and the Rotary Park Lake have already been completed as part of the projects that ODNR is requiring the village to complete. He said plans for repair of Reservoir #2's spillway have been submitted to ODNR for review.

Council authorized the payment of bills in the amount of $60, 483.13.

Council passed Resolution 3736, the Sewer Forgiveness Policy.

Council approved Assistant Fire Chief Tim Hall's request to have Jody Haney removed from the EMS roster.

A building permit was approved for Don Carmen, 225 W. South St. for putting siding on an old building.

Bunting called for a brief street, alley and sidewalk committee meeting following the council meeting.

Council entered a brief executive session to discuss litigation, as requested by Scott Gallagher. No action was taken.