She floats as

Though she is ascending

To the heavens above.

Yet, her smile

Is fragile like

A glass bird.

Her eyes

Shine like she knows

Every secret you've ever kept.

Yet, her mind

Is twisted around

The idea of shame and disgrace.

Her face

Is the picture

Of beauty everyone strives for.

Yet, she believes

That she is

Hideous and flawed.

All of her

Is beautiful.

All of her

Is picturess.

Yet she believes

That her image

Is too bulky.

Too big.

Too rude.

Too crooked.

To odd.

Her beauty is exceeding

But she sees

Only her flaws.

For this is what society

Has taught her

To find.

So is it really her,

Who is untrue,

Or is it the society

Full of people like you?