Ten Years Ago 2007

Barnesville Chamber of Commerce honors Joe Miller as Citizen of the Year, Jackie Huntsman as Employee of the Year, and Luke Johnson as Community Service Award winner at the annual spring banquet.

Three local adults are facing separate sex charges involving adults and minors.

Barnesville Elementary School students raise $6,000 for the American Heart Association.

Twenty-five Years

Ago 1992

The Development Council is gathering material together to send out to tourism companies promoting Barnesville as a destination place to visit.

Nine BHS juniors are inducted into the National Honor Society. They are: Nicole Detling, Marcie Williams, Gwynn Fisher, Rachael Hall, Dustin Reed, Ed Eberhart, Jason Huntsman, Angie Miller and Tonya Warner.

Member of the Barnesville Victorian Theatre Company are putting the finishing touches on the April 24-25 production of "Murder at Rutherford House".

Ruth Bailey, 87, of E. Main, retired music instructor for Martins Ferry Schools and insurance agent for Provident Insurance, dies.

Also passing this week was Mildred Wiley Evans, 89, Cambridge, who was "a highly-respected music teacher in Barnesville Schools for 18 years".

Handy Andy's Power Equipment, located on Pigeon Pint Road, sets its Grand Opening for next Saturday,

Jean Davies records the sale and auction of equipment and supplies of the former Kinney Motor Company, N. Gardner Street.

Fifty Years Ago 1967

The bonding firm for the high school project gives its approval, the last step before moving to the construction stage.

Dr. D.M. Mayberry is reappointed to the Barnesville Park Board.

In initiation ceremonies Tuesday, Paul Daniels, 13-year U.S. Navy veteran, became the first member of the Barnesville American Legion, to be taken in under the new Vietnam War membership eligibility stipulations.

Population estimates suggest Barnesville is up 109 residents since the 1960 Census.

The high school band will present a concert Friday at noon for students of the Somerton Grade School.

Frank Robinson, owner of Rogers Speidel Farm, plans a "complete dispersal" auction. Harold Amos and Jess Milner will call the sale.

Members of the Hill and Valley Laborettes 4-H Club along with representatives of the Bel-Mont Garden Club conducted a litter clean-up along SR 149 leading into Belmont Saturday.


Years Ago 1942

When 20 high school athletes appeared at school recently in girls' attire, it wasn't another case of boys getting even with the girls for donning slacks. This is the official initiation costume for athletes taken in the "B Club", an organization composed of boys who have won their letter in athletes.

Council passes a "Blackout Ordinance", the first war legislation enacted here that provides regulations for the population during Air Raids.

Henry Smith celebrates his 90th birthday April at a party for family and friends at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Ross D. Fowler on Walton Ave.

William Sill, son of Mrs. E.H. Sill of N. Broadway, is ordained a minister of the Presbyterian Church.

The Breeze Hill Skeet Club will open May 3 with "defense stamps" as prizes to the shooters who "smash targets representing Japs and Nazis".

Lewis Watt who has been a patient at the sanatorium at Battle Creek, Michigan, convalescing from an illness, returned yesterday to his home on Cherry Street. He is much improved.

One Hundred

Years Ago 1917

From the Whetstone

The Whetstone now carries weekly "War News", the most complete news of the war situation that can be secured and is found in the Zanesville Daily Times-Recorder.

Rev. J.R. Matthews who spent the Easter season with his wife at Mound Hill Farm, left on Thursday for North Carolina, where he is doing splendid missionary work.

If the men with a bay team with a white spot on forehead and wagon with high spring seat will bring back lumber taken from our lumber yard on last Saturday at 8:00 pm, they will not be prosecuted T. & A. Rogers Mill Yard.

The Ohio Industrial Commission grants an award of $3,244 to Mrs. Julia Harangozo and her six children of Route 1, Martins Ferry, on account of the death of the husband and father, Frank, who died in a mine fall while employed by the Pittsburgh & Cleveland Coal Co. The state insurance also covered medical and funeral expenses.

The wedding of Miss Minnie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hogue of Tacoma, and Mr. Jesse Edgerton, too place Wednesday morning at 10 am at the Stillwater Meeting House according to the sacred ceremony of the Society of Friends.


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