David Trouten, the Clerk of Courts for Belmont County released the report of his office's activities for March of 2017. The Clerk of Courts administers all legal documents of the Common Pleas Court, including the calling of jurors for trials, and also administers the Title Department in the county.

The monthly report is as follows:

Clerk's fee: $56,236.12

Interest fees: $292.09

Total vehicle and watercraft titles: 3,290 titles

The St. Clairsville office had 2,948 titles including: all purpose vehicle, 30; buses, 1; manufactured homes, 6; motorcycle, 102; motor home, 6; new cars, 246; new pick up trucks, 96; new truck, 11; outboard motors, 11; off-road motorcycle, 2; trailer, 28; travel trailer, 61; used cars, 1,689; used pick-up trucks, 480; used trucks, 101; vans, 42 and boats including inboard motors, 36.

The Bellaire Title office had 342 titles including: 10 all purpose vehicle; 8 motorcycles; 2 motor homes; 15 new cars; 18 new pickup trucks; 1 outboard motors: 3 off road motorcycles: 198 used car; 76, used pickup truck; 4 used trucks; one van; six boats, including inboard motors.

New Cases filed in the legal department include: 46 domestic relations; 30 civil; 36 criminal; 39 certificates of judgments; 446 state tax liens; 6 court of appeals cases. (Tax liens numbers are high because the State of Ohio stopped sending them while they were revamping their system. They are now coming in again, so our office has to process the state's backlog of cases).

The Bellaire Title Branch office is open and serving the public Tuesday and Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. The office is closed for lunch from 1-2 p.m. The phone number is 740-671-9116. Thank you for the support of the branch office. The St. Clairsville Title Office phone number is 695-5406 or 695-5407.