Misti Hollingsworth, the oldest daughter of Rev. Tom and Bonnie Detling, and a 1985 graduate of Barnesville High School is following in her father's footsteps this week as part of a medical team performing skilled surgeries on impoverished patients in Haiti.

Hollingswoth currently lives in Cape Coral, Florida and works as an RN in surgery. On Easter Sunday she traveled to Haiti with a medical group to complete a medical surgical mission. They will be performing orthopedic surgery and repairing fractures (broken bones) and other types of surgery on the residents in Haiti. She currently holds a Masters Degree in nursing and a certification in operating room nursing. She will be taking her skills to Haiti and following in her father's footsteps to help those who are so much less fortunate than herself.

"As a child I watched my father go on several mission trips to the Solomon Islands and I always said I wanted to 'be just like him,'" Hollingsworth said.

Hollingsworth and the other volunteers arrived in Port-Au-Prince on the morning of April 17 and traveled approximately two hours to Hinche, Haiti. They were invited to the Hinche area by a local surgeon to assist in repairing extensive fractures and orthopedic injuries.

"Typically in Haiti, they do not have the training or equipment to meet the needs of the population, especially for complex fractures. We are taking surgical tools, implants such as plates and screws, surgical soft goods such as drapes, gloves and dressings and medications. Our team consists of an orthopedic surgeon from Naples, an anesthesia provider, a scrub technician, two RNs and a logistics person," Hollingsworth said.

She continued, "We plan to perform three operations a day from Tuesday through Friday. We will set up a clinic on Monday to examine the patients that the local surgeon has selected for us, set up the operating room and prepare for the following day. On Saturday we will be returning to the USA."

The time of Hollingsworth and the others is volunteer time, and they are not getting paid or reimbursed in any way for our trip.

"It is a true humanitarian and volunteer event. I was required to take time off work and request vacation time in order to go," she said.

Hollingsworth is the charge nurse in the operating room at Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Myers, Florida. It is a Level 2 trauma center and is the only only between Miami and Tampa.

She is married to Rodney Hollingsworth and they have two children; Kody Detling (24), a landscaper in Cape Coral, Florida and Tiffani Bolen (22), a marine biologist in Miami.

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