The Village of Barnesville has received another $3,000 grant from the Belmont County Tourism Council to continue its downtown, historical mural project. At the Monday, April 3 council meeting, Village Administrator Roger Deal congratulated council president Tim McKelvey, who has spearheaded the project, on the receipt of the grant and thanked him for applying for it. McKelvey praised the tourism council.

"I think this is a wonderful program. The Department of Tourism for Belmont County gives back a lot of money all over the county," McKelvey said.

Council discussed the draft version of a sewer forgiveness policy in the event of a leak. Councilman Tony Johnson felt a section referring to first, second and third occurrences could be changed to just one occurrence. Deal said that in his 13 years as administrator, there had never been a second occurrence. Village Solicitor Marlin Harper said he had reviewed the policy and had only one suggested change. Council approved the resolution that Harper prepared, with the suggested change by Johnson.

Council tabled Deal's request to purchase a mower for the water department. Deal said he and Water Plant Manager Doug Frye had been looking for a 4-wheel drive tractor with mower to be used at the dam and reservoirs and to be paid for with water and sewer department funds. Deal said Frye suggested a brush hog attachment as well, bringing the total cost to more than the $12,000 budgeted for the purchase and approved by the finance committee, however the department had spent less than budgeted in other areas.

Councilman Brad Hudson again expressed his opinion that the cemetery department and its equipment should be used to do all of the mowing for the village.

"I don't understand why the cemetery crew still isn't mowing the reservoirs. They've got the tractor. We bought a skid steer with tracks, we bought a bush hog- as far as I know we still have all that. I don't understand why we're getting away from that. I think our mowing guys should do the mowing and our water guys ought to make water. That's the way it ought to work," Hudson said.

Council approved Bunting's appointment of councilman Terry McCort (one year term), Mike Starr (two year term), Terry Hager (three year term) to the Appeals Board. Council also approved his appointment of the following to the Planning Commission: Hudson (two years), Chase Milburn, Rusty Lashley and Greg Williams for six year terms. Bunting will also serve on the committee with his term ending in 2019 when his term as mayor ends.

Council approved Bunting's appointment of Daniel Grady as to the fire department and emergency squad. Assistant Fire Chief and EMS Coordinator Tim Hall said Grady had previously served on both departments and had recently moved back to the area.

Bunting reported that Mayor's Court receipts for the month of March totaled $2,750 with $841 going to the state, $30 to the county, and $1,879 to the village.

Bunting encouraged village residents to donate to the Walton Home's fund to build a deck and garden area for residents, visitors and staff. He noted that the Walton Home had been serving the community's older residents for 73 years.

McKelvey agreed saying the Walton Home was in the process of a multi-year improvement and expansion plan. "It's going to be a good thing for them and for this community," he said. "If you can, I think it would be a good program to support."

Councilman Scott Gallagher said he had received a compliment on the park lake trail. Bunting complimented Park Director Rich Wells for his hard work maintaining the trail.

Deal reported that mowing had begun at the cemeteries.

Building permits were approved for Robert Smith, 634 E. Main St. for replacement of a porch floor and the addition of a wheelchair ramp; Melissa Connor, 719 Wiley Ave. for the construction of a fence; Jamie Anderson, 447 E. Main St., replacing shingles with a metal roof.

Fiscal Officer Vicki Magers said Meeder Investment Group have asked to meet with the Investment Committee on May 10 at 5 p.m. for an investment update.

McKevey called for a Finance Committee meeting for April 10 at 5:30 p.m., and a Water and Sewer Committee meeting for Tuesday, April 11 at 5:30 p.m.. Both meetings were held in in council chambers.

Council approved the payment of bills in the amount of $72,391.70.

Council entered into executive session to discuss personnel and potential litigation. No decision was made.