The Ohio Hospital Association Energy and Sustainability program announced the finalists and top three award winning hospital in the 2016 OHA Energy Cup competition. Eighty six Ohio hospitals and 59 health care building participated in the competition to reduce energy use and limit greenhouse emissions. Participating facilities reduced energy use by an average of .7 percent or the equivalent of 6,000 cars taken off of the road and generated savings equal to the cost of funding jobs for 26 new nurses.

The top 2016 Energy Cup Award winners are:

Large Hospital: Southern Ohio Medical Center (Portsmouth) - 10.9 % reduction

Small Hospital: Barnesville Hospital- 31.58% reduction

Non-hospital: Woodley Medical Center (Toledo) 30.44 % reduction.

"I am extremely proud of our Barnesville Hospital team," said David Phillips, CEO, Barnesville Hospital. "Michael Carpenter, Wes Doudna, our Maintenance Department and our entire staff actively look for ways to reduce energy, which provides a savings for our hospital and makes our community a better place to work and live."

A few examples of how Barnesville Hospital reduced their energy utilization include:

LED Replacement Projects for Exterior Lighting (Parking Lots and Building Wall Packs)

Dietary Equipment Replaced with Energy Star Rated Appliances

Emergency Department construction project completed with LED lighting throughout new construction and renovated areas

Implementation of a new Direct Digital Control System (DDC) for the Emergency Department and upgraded enhancements of the existing DDC for the remainder of the building. The DDC allows for a centralized network to program/control/review actions and needs of the facility's HVAC system.

These projects were assisted and made possible with the opportunities and support provided by the AEP Ohio Business incentives program and the Ohio Hospital Association Energy Program.