Popular By Maya Van Wagenen

What would you do to be popular? In the hilarious book Popular by Maya Van Wagenen, Maya is curious about what being popular is like and before starting eighth grade she decides to conduct a social experiment. She will follow a 1950s popularity guide by the former teen model Betty Cornell in hopes of becoming popular. This guide includes everything from how to do her hair, to what clothes to wear, and even how her posture should be. Follow Maya's true story to find out if she becomes popular.

I found this book completely hilarious. The confidence that Maya has is amazing and is a really phenomenal characteristic about her. Maya is a hilarious, kind girl who doesn't care what others think. This is just one of those books that is simply fun to read. I would rate this book a five out of five stars because it was lovely reading about someone who is very confident and knowing this was a true story also made me enjoy a lot more. I would recommend this to anyone because I know everyone can find enjoyment in this story.