It is finally springtime. The birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming. Easter is on the way soon, for which I am very excited. Easter candy is the highlight of my year. Spring also marks the time for baseball, softball, and track here at Barnesville. I honestly hate running, but yet I run track.

Back on topic though, spring. I really like spring. It marks the beginning of a new year to me. I like that the temperature isn't cold enough to give penguins frostbite. What I don't like about spring is that it reminds me of a Thursday. Like, yes I like spring but I really would rather have summer. It's like what the third nine week is to school. I mean it's good because it shows I'm also to the end, but it is slightly irritating.

I also have allergies. Spring is not the time for me. I can't even breathe, but they expect me to do state testing? No, I don't think so. Even with the negatives, I still enjoy spring, except the bees.