David Trouten, the Clerk of Courts for Belmont County, released the report of his office's activities for February of 2017. The Clerk of Courts administers all legal documents of the Common Pleas Court, including the calling of Jurors for Trials, and also administers the Title Department in the county.

"Our staff works hard to serve the needs of the people of Belmont County, as well as Judges Fregiato and Vavra and their staffs," Trouten said. "Both the Legal and Title staffs are experienced and efficient at their work. I have seen them go beyond their duties to help people who come to our office. I am very proud of them."

Trouten also stated that he has been looking into various issues with regard to the storage of older records. "There is only so much room for these documents," he said, "Many have to be kept off site in older buildings. This requires daily transport of the documents by staff members. We are looking into other options, but for now the trips to retrieve old records will continue."

The February, 2017 report is as follows:

Clerk's fee totalled $51,425.89 and interest fees totalled $283.80.

There were 2,209 total vehicle and watercraft titles in the St Clairsville office which included: 25 all purpose vehicles; 11 manufactured homes; 45 motorcycles; eight motor homes; 203 new cars; 86 new pick up trucks; 16 new trucks; nine outboard motors; six trailers; 33 travel trailers: 33; 1,295 used cars; 347 used pick-up trucks; 65 used trucks; 26 vans; and 33 boats including inboard motors.

In the Bellaire title office there were 300 titles including: five all purpose vehicles; six motorcycles; 15 new cars; 14 new pickup trucks; two new trucks; one boat with outboard motor; one off-road motorcycle; one travel trailer; 196 used car; 53 used pickup truck; nine used trucks; and two boats, including inboard motors.

New cases field in the legal department included: 34 domestic relations; 53 civil cases; 24 criminal; 48 certificates of judgment; and six court of appeals.

Tax Liens are at zero because the State of Ohio was revamping their system. They are now coming in again, including a backlog due to the state system closure that the clerk's office has to process.

The Bellaire Title Branch office is open and serving the public Tuesday and Thursday 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m., and is closed for lunch from 1-2 p.m. The phone number is 740-671-9116. Thank you for the support of the branch office. The St. Clairsville title office number is 695-5406 or 695-5407.