Mr. Kenneth K. Mercer graduated from Barnesville High School in the class of 1939 and died April 5, 2011 at his River Oaks home, near Houston, Texas. As part of his last will and testament Mr. Mercer generously donated $100,000 to the Barnesville Area Education Foundation.

Kenneth Mercer was born in Barnesville, Ohio the son of Ira and Elsie Mercer. He had younger twin brothers, John and Dean. His life partner and wife was Gloria E. Mercer.

Kenneth received his Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from the Ohio State University. He received numerous honors while there and graduated at the top of his Chemical Engineering class in 1943.

Mr. Mercer worked initially for the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey. In 1946 he became the Texas representative for the Chapman Chemical Company in Houston where he became a Professional Engineer in the State of Texas. Mr. Mercer also worked for Standard Oil in Louisiana and became a licensed Professional Engineer for that state as well.

Kenneth later founded Mercer Engineering, Inc. with a focus on promoting scientific and engineering knowledge relating to the plastics industry. Mercer engineering became a well known and highly respected business throughout the United States as plastic processors and serving industrial customers. He opened offices in Houston, Texas and Dallas, Texas as well as in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. These offices serviced his customers in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

During his career Mr. Mercer received numerous awards for his knowledge and the effective use of plastics. In Houston, he belonged to The Petroleum Club, the Houston Club, the Plaza Club, The City Club and The World Trade Club, was a member of the Sons of the American Revolution and was a member of the Institute of Hispanic Culture.

During their lives Mr. and Mrs. Mercer traveled extensively throughout the World. They were attendees at numerous official luncheons, receptions and dinners in honor of and where they met many foreign dignitaries. The Mercers also attended many important dinners and luncheons where they met Presidents Nixon, Ford, Reagan and George H. W. Bush.

The Barnesville Area Education Foundation is appreciative for this generous donation and the Barnesville community should feel honored that a former graduate has remembered his home town community in this special way.

The Barnesville Area Education Foundation's Mission is to provide funds for local education systems and students that might otherwise not be available through public funds.

The Foundation provides scholarship funds for deserving students, teacher recognitions and many grants in support of needs as identified by the high school superintendant.

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