The Belmont County Clerk of Courts, David Trouten, recently met with the Jury Commission to certify the juror lists for the upcoming session. The Commission is made up of two citizens of Belmont County of differing political parties who are appointed by the common pleas judges. The current commissioners are Polly Loy and Betty Holubeck.

"Every four months a new pool of jurors is certified," Trouten said. "The process selects jurors not only for the two common pleas court judges, but also probate court juries and all three county courts."

The selection is random, and the role of the Commissioners is to insure the fairness of the selection process. Present at the selection and review were also, Laura Zupko on behalf of the judges and James Zuzack on behalf of the Belmont County Sheriff's Office. The jury pool will be used for a four-month period, during which, individuals will be called as needed.

"Jury duty is incredibly important," Trouten added. Without the knowledge that every citizen is entitled to a jury of his or her peers, the legal system would collapse. On behalf of the judges and the attorneys in the legal system, I can't thank jurors enough."